Back pain after 2 consecutive falls

Patient: Hi,I fell down the stairs 2 weeks ago taking the brunt of the fall in the middle part of my back on the spine. This resulted in swelling (haematoma) in the area and pain, particularly when leaning forward. Then this weekend I fell again taking the brunt of my fall lower down on my back on the protruding bony on both left and right side. The left side hurts more to touch and the right now feels more “strained”. I’m now experiencing quite severe discomfort that woke me out of my sleep as lying down in any positon is extremely uncomfortable. Sitting is not a great deal better but standing still seems to be the most comfortable position to be in. I’m also having aches in my groin/upper right thigh. I am going to use DMSO on the affected areas. Is there anything potentially serious that may have occured that would necessitate a visit to the doctor? I am a 48 year old woman otheriwse in good health, physically fit, 5’8″ and 104 lbs. thank you

Symptoms: Back pain after 2 falls