Back pain after diving injury

Patient: Hello I dove off of a diving board yesterday and landed funny with my legs bending forward and my back really arched. I instantly felt pain shooting in my back and it seemed better last night but today it’s quite painful and seems very located to a certain part of my middle back/spine. I am wondering if I should see a doctor ASAP or if it’s just muscles hurting that need time to heal? Also wondering if it’s possible I hurt something other than muscles that should be looked at ASAP thank you

Doctor: Thank you for your question. Given the nature of your fall and the pain you are experiencing, it is possible that you ma y have sustained a more than just muscles strains which is causing your pain. We are most concerned with the shooting pain in your back which could possibly be due to injury to the spinal cord or vertebrae. Please see your doctor promptly to be evaluated.Thank you for choosing