Back Pain after L5-S1 fusion

Patient: I had a fushion done 4 mo ago and yhay put a bone stemulater in and im in more pain then i was in before the surgery.It was done on L5 S1 the Doctor whu and he said t was normal,but it is getting worse and i dont know what to do,i cant even sleep

Doctor: Sometimes the nerve damage produced  already before the surgery is severe and  irreversible plus along with the degenera erative changes in the vertebrae, these  are possible causes of the chronic pain. The first approach is associate  a Physical Therapy program aimed to control pain and inflammation along with anti-inflammatory medication, if there is no improvement and with time the pain is worse and intractable you should get a reevaluation by an orthopedic surgeon to decide if another intervention might be consider as a treatment option for you.