Back pain after laser laminectomy surgery

Patient: Had laser spine surgery for cervical (left laminectomy, c6-c7. I also had severe pain in thoracic spine,but mri was negative. Another doctor said it is referred cervical pain and did another post surgery mri of cervical and did not include thoracic. No compression was found in cervical post surgery. I told him I did not have neck pain or symptoms in shoulders and down arms after surgery. I know the pain in my thoracic spine is coming from my thoracic. The pain is mostly directly in my spine and every once in awhile get a little burning up to my shoulder blade. Is it possible to have a annular disc tear without bulging or a herniation and the pain stay focialized in the spine it self. He wants me to start pain management now. Is that the right step or should I comtinue to push and try to find out whats wrong. At this point the pain is so bad that I can barely walk at times.

Doctor: The pain might be due to a residual inflammatory process affecting the previously compressed nerve roots  (neuritis) at ) at the level of the laser spine surgery.  I advise you to give it a try to the pain management that your doctor suggested along with these following recommendations:  try to keep a proper posture, avoiding repetitive cervical or thoracic stress (example weight lifting), adhering to a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition, physical activity as tolerated, losing excess of weight and during the pain crisis a physical therapy program should be followed and aimed to reduce pain and inflammation. If after some weeks of treatment you show poor response to these measures , then, a reevaluation by a orthopedic surgeon or neurosurgeon may be considered.