Back pain after ureteral stents inserted

Patient: Dear doc,My father has been complaining about back pain since the insertion of ureter stents. He had bladder blockage in March 2014. The doctor said his ureter tissues had hardened, he had chemotherapy for colorectal cancer in 1999.1. Is this possible, I mean only after more than 10 years his ureters tissues get harden?2. My father does not have any side effects of ureter stents described online such as increase of passing urine, pain during/after passing urine, etc. However he has been complaining about having back pain in the morning, and after long standing, he feels better when he sits on chair with back support. Could this be possibly side effect of the ureter stents?3. Is there a way to find out that if his ureters is still functional? So to be able to remove the stents.Thanks,sl

Symptoms: Symptoms: back pain, possible cause: ureter stents

Doctor: Thanks for your question on UTI.Most people do not have pain after the stent is removed. It seems that you have an U TI. However, an examination is required to get treated for an UTI.A UTI is accompanied by a fever, chills and pain while urinating. Talk to your Doctor and he will start you on antibiotics and fever medication.I hope this helps. Wish your father good health.