Back pain and having a habit of cracking back

Patient: My back has been hurting for about 5 months now. At first it was a sever pain and I took 2 Motrin 400s and used heating pads and it seemed like it went away but it didn’t and now it’s kind of like a dull, always there pain in my lower back when I move or sit in a certain position. I’m a 16-year old girl, 5’6, and 133 pounds. If that’s relevant. And I do crack my back. Bad habit.

Symptoms: pain

Doctor: Chronic Backache at your age is usually due to ergonomically incorrect working or sitting postures. A combination of Phy siotherapy & Drug therapy is likely to benefit you. However, if symptoms do not improve, a thorough evaluation by an Orthopedic Surgeon is required, to rule out other causes of chronic backache viz, infections (like Tuberculosis of the spine), PIVD (Prolapsed intervertebral disc) and Ankylosing Spondylosis (Autoimmune disorder, characterized by early morning stiffness and pain), etc. Your doctor would physically examine you first and then, may ask for an MR Imaging of the Dorso-Lumbar spine along with other blood tests, to arrive at a diagnosis. Long term self-medication with pain killers is not advisable, since it has harmful side effects.