Back pain and middle chest pain

Patient: Ive had 3 back surgeries in the past last one 2013. I fell around 2 weeks ago im having pain middle of the chest and all the left side of the middle of back

Symptoms: Pain in the middle of the chest and around the left side to middle of back

Doctor: Hello.Welcome to Ask The Doctor.I understand your concern.Such chest pains seem to be because Muscular pain. How ever, Cardiac Chest pain and pain due to Acid reflux should be kept in consideration.It is important to differentiate between the all as the treatment course is entirely different.The Muscular chest pain aggravates with movement. It is dull, diffuse and continuous in nature.However, the Cardiac chest pain is severe and crushing in nature. It increases on activity like walking, exercising. It also radiated to left arm.You should get following investigations done:1.ECG2.Chest Xray.If the ECG and Chest Xray are normal, the pain is probably Muscular or due to Acid reflux.I advise following to my patients in case of Muscular pain:1. To do hot fomentation over the involved area 3-4 times a day.2. To apply Diclofenac Gel locally over the involved area.3. To take anti-inflammatory and analgesic painkillers like Ibuprofen, Etoricoxib.On taking this treatment, this usually resolves in 5-7 days.For acid reflux, I would advise you to take a combination of Pantoprazole and DomperidoneShare my opinion with your Doctor before acting upon it.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy