Back pain and numbness over large part of my body

Patient: Hello about a year ago i started having severe back pain and over half my body was numb. Mydoctor sent me to a neurologist who did an MRI and said i have bulging discs and my back is deteriorating. I now take gabapentin for numbing and it helps a little bit but if i’m not numb i feel like i’m burning. I’m still in severe pain everyday in my back and i’m still numb or burning and my family doctor still tells me theres nothing wrong with me and to take ibuprofin.I have been having panic attacks whwere i feel like i can’t breathe or swallow and i’m depressed and crying most days.I am going to find another doctor but till then i just want to know if this keeps going untreted what kind of damage is thiscausing to my body since i still have no answers for the numbing.Thank you so much

Doctor: The numbness may probably be due to herniated disc – a condition in which the disc bulge or rupture due to injury, disea se or aging process, putting pressure on to the nerve roots or the spinal cord itself. It is this pressure on the involved nerves that produce symptoms (usually pain, numbness, burning sensation) in the areas supplied by these affected nerves or spinal cord. Herniated disc usually heals on its own with rest followed by gradual increase in activity, anti inflammatory medications to control pain and inflammation, and physical therapy to reduce pain and strengthen the affected muscles. Surgical option may be available if the above measures do not work.