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Back pain anytime I eat spicy food

Patient: I always have a burning pain behind my back anytime I eat spicy food. It’s very discomforting, please what cani T be and how cani handle it?



Symptoms: Burning pain at my back, around my spinal cord up to upper back region



Doctor: Thank you for writing to Ask The DoctorI have gone through the complete question and I feel that you have gastritis or acidity which is causing the issue in you. This will present with the pain to back and with the history of the ulcer, the diagnosis becomes more likely.I recommend that you take 20 ml of Pepto-Bismol 2 to 3 times a day for 3 days. If you are not feeling better after 3 days, you may have an infected peptic ulcer which will need to be treated with antibiotics and antacids. In that case, you will need to see a Doctor for the prescription.Hope this helps you. All the best.

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Patient: The pain comes anytime I eat spicy food. Does it mean if I take your prescription of pesto-bishop for 3 days I won’t feel the pain anytime I take spicy foods? Otherwise what is the permanent solution? I have taken antacids and all that before now but I want a more detailed diagnosis and solution

Doctor: Thank you for the follow up.
When you have a peptic ulcer, you will get pain when you eat spicy food. In fact, based on the location of the peptic ulcer, you will get pain when you eat any type of food.
Spicy food tends to increase acid production more than other foods and hence the pain is worse. Since the acidity is severe, you might have a H pylori infection which can be detected with some tests. Once confirmed, the Doctor will start you on therapy consisting of antibiotics to kill the bacteria. We cannot provide you antibiotics online and you will need to be examined to get the full treatment.
If this does not work, the last resort is to get surgery done. The best surgery is to do a Highly Selective vagotomy in which the nerves to the stomach are cut. This stops acid production and stops the pain.
Hope this helped you.


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