Back pain due to large breasts

Patient: I suffer severe back pai due to the size of my breast but for the past 2 years I havevisited my doctors surgery but have not been examined and am just told to lose weight but I am not over weight My breasts both weigh over a stone each and as this is the case my BMI is showing that Iam over weight.My chest size is 36 KI and my waist is a size 12 so I have to wear a size “” top. NO ONE has examined me all I need is a breast reduction but I am not being taken seriously also I have neck pain deformed shoulders and rashes. I cannot afford private surgery and have considered cutting them off myself as I have been told ‘NHS guidlines say your BMI has to be 28’ and mine is 29 the only way I can get my BMI to 28 is by cutting one breast off. HELP