Back Pain Episodes since 13 years old

Patient: I got a pain in my back at age 13 in the lower part slightly to the left where the bone is. I couldn’t bend forward or backward even a little bit because it would hurt too much. It didn’t help if I lay or sat down. Since then I have had about two more episodes since then and lasts a few days to a week then goes. It makes me walk awkwardly becuase the pain causes discomfort all across lower back and down left leg. I am 23 now and most of the time it aches still especially if i stand for long or bend for too long. I havn’t had any injuries to my back or accidents involving my back. I tried painkillers but doesn’t work when I have a bad episode.

Doctor: The pain in low back is a common concern, and it affects roughly up to 90% of Americans at some point in their lifetime. According with the medical literature, up to 50% will have more than one episode. Back pain is not a specific disease but it is a symptom that may happen from a wide array of different processes. In up to 85% of people with back pain, despite a thorough medical examination and imaging tests (X rays, MRI, CT scans), no specific cause of the pain can be identified and we call it: mechanical back pain.Common causes of back pain involve disease or injury to the muscles, bones, and/or nerves of the spine as follows: disc herniation that produces irritation of the nerve (i.e.: sciatica), spinal stenosis, deformities of the spine (i.e.: scoliosis, kyphosis), fibromyalgia, amongst the most common.The suggested strategy to treat a back pain that has persisted for more than 1 month is as follows: evaluation by a physician to rule out other possible causes than just mechanic or postural and start a physical therapy program aimed to control pain, stretching and strengthening exercises, correct posture, and teach the patient an exercise routine that he/she can follow at home, also the use of anti-inflammatory drugs (i.e: “motrin”, “advil”, “aleve”) can be beneficial to manage the pain. Nearly everyone improves within a month following this conservative measures if it is a mechanical back pain.