Back pain for five months

Patient: Hi, I’m 19 and about 5 months ago i fell down a kind of deep hole on my back. The next day i just had bruises all over my back. After a while i got a pain in my back that kept getting a little worse over time. Sometimes but not all the time i get a pain that is unbearable. I would love to consult my doctor but i am a little bit embarrased because the reason for falling down the hole was partly to do with me being quite drunk at the time. What do you think i should do and can the doctors do anything for me? Many thanks

Doctor: Definitely, you should go to the doctor, because the important thing now is that you fell down and as a consequence  yo you are having a back pain for five months that is getting worse,and  it was not assessed back then. Any  persistent, relenting back pain requires further investigation, as follows: evaluation by a physician, imaging studies (MRI, CT scan) and sometimes even functional studies as electromyography to rule out any serious post traumatic condition that might be causing the pain and from there decide the most appropriate treatment option for you.