Back pain for one year and worried about bloodwork results

Patient: I have been stuggling with back pain for about a year. The doctor prescribed me a low dose of gabapentin which has helped somewhat. Bloodwork has been done and I wondered what some causes could be for my results: Low HCT 35.8 Decreased WBC 5.8 Low HCT 35.8 Low MPV 6.6 Low BUN Creatine Ratio 10.0 High B6 58 (the report showed that the elevated B6 is likely related to dietary supplementation)

Doctor: I understand that your main concern is the bloodwork results that showed mild anemia, slightly decreased white blood cel ls. On the other hand, in a nutshell, high BUN values can indicate kidney disease, congestive heart failure, gastrointestinal bleeding, shock, kidney failure, hypovolemia, a heart attack or a urinary tract obstruction. Low BUN values may occur as a result of liver failure, malnutrition or over-hydration, which is a condition in which too much fluid accumulates in the body. If your creatinine values are higher than normal, it can indicate kidney failure, glomerulonephritis, dehydration, urinary tract obstruction, diabetic nephropathy or reduced blood flow to the kidneys due to congestive heart failure or shock. Low creatinine values may occur as a result of muscular dystrophy or myasthenia gravis. Normal BUN/creatinine ratios fall between 10 to 1 and 20 to 1. An increased ratio can indicate congestive heart failure or dehydration. A decreased ratio can indicate gastrointestinal bleeding, liver disease or malnutrition. If you are worried about these results, I strongly recommend to discuss them with your doctor in order to determine the possible causes for such values.