Back Pain for Six Weeks Now

Patient: My father has been in chronic back pain for six weeks. He has seen chiropractors, neurologists, orthopedists, etc… At first they told him it was a herniated disc. They then said it was a bone spur and now they are saying it may have nothing to do with his back but may be the result of an infection somewhere else in his body. He has been on pain killers and they help for a little while but he is still in the same amount of pain as day one. If it is an infection can’t they just give him antibiotics to kill the infection? I just want the pain to go away. Any suggestions?

Doctor: If, according to your doctor, the pain is due to infection somewhere in the body, the site of primary infection needs to be identified and if it is not possible to find the primary site of infection, empiric antibiotic treatment is recommended to prevent further spread of infection. Also if your father has already got different tests done and the underlying cause of the back pain still remains unidentified, he may try anti inflammatory medication like ibuprofen and visit a physiotherapist for gradual stretching and exercise of the back muscles. Hot or cold compress may also help.