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Back pain, frequent urination and UTI: possible Pyelonephritis?

Patient: I have had a continuous back pain since August. I have had a few urine tests. They diagnosed me with a UTI about 4 weeks ago. The pain has continued to get worse, I have had frequent urination, and sometimes my back will hurt when I pee. Another visit to the doctor, they gave me different antibiotics to fight the bacteria, and they also gave me muscle relaxers. Neither seems to be working. I was wondering what I might have. Thanks.


Doctor: Back pain is one of many symptoms of a lower urinary tract infection. Other symptoms include frequent urination, a burn ning sensation, pain or bloating in the abdomen smelly urine and even fever. In this case, the back pain and the other symptoms, come on suddenly. The infection is usually quickly counteracted by antibiotics. In your case it seems that the UTI is getting complicated and would be important to get an evaluation by an Urologist to rule out kidney stones or a possible Pyelonephritis. This is a severe infection in the kidney, and back pain in this situation is considered a serious symptom of this disease. In this case, the pain usually manifests itself in the flank of the body, which is at waist level and on either side. The pain can run across the back meeting the flank on either side. In this case, you need to seek medical attention immediately, as a malfunctioning kidney can lead to serious problems.


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