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Back Pain. I just want a diagnosis no nonsense!

Patient: Severe back problems; interefering with function what can it be? Why is this so hard to diagnose?Although two moves may have agrivated my back I have had no RECENT injury or trauma but my Back is in disabiling pain. Ive had many symptoms for over 8 months, the past six weeks I have been incapacitated. Extreme pain for over a week. ER did XRAY (no brakes) said get MRI from primary doc; may be pinched nerve. Primary care doc wants to run bloodwork (looking for lupus?! And arthritis? Im only 22) and gave me prednisone and meloxicam? Also have diazepam and hydroxodone.I dont like meds. I just want to know whats wrong with my back the quickest possible way. What can this be?



Symptoms: Whole body muscle spasms.
Severe lumbar back pain with no comfortable positions.
Pain along spine in upper back also (between shoulder blades).
Discomfort and flares of pain all up and down entire spine and neck area.
Lack of flexibility.
Reduced range of motion.
Headache and confusion.
Gate affected.
While most pain in back, my hips, buttox, knees hurt too.
Loss of strength.





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