Back Pain in a young overweight male

Patient: My son is 18 years old and for the past two years he has back pain in the areas near the neck area as well in the lower back he has undergone indian type massage last year and has improved quite well but he has not completley overcome the pain he is 6feet tall and 110 kg one of the reason pointed by the doctors is the over weight particularly in the stomach part. in order to reduce the weight he has joined the gym and only doing cross trainer. But the gym activity is affecting his back. since he is studying for engineering going for crash diet will make him more tired What measures he should take to control the back pain problem since he is a huge person the colleage chairs are also very uncomfortable

Doctor: It is a very well known fact that the sustained overweight and inadequate techniques of exercise can cause problems in the weight bearing joints like Hips, Knees, Ankles and also Lumbar Spine, this seems to be the case of your son. The suggested strategy should be: consult a nutritionist or dietitian to help your son to lose weight and combine the prescribed diet along with a consistent exercise routine, for example 30 minute walking every day at his own pace. For the pain management: he can take anti inflammatory medication (“motrin”, “aleve”) and also he may try physical therapy. As soon as he begins to lose weight, the pain should decrease and he will start to feel better.