Back pain leading to hand/arms shaking

Patient: I’m a 29 year old female. Slightly over 10 years ago I injured my back. I went to several doctors afterwards & was assured that despite my immense pain, nothing was wrong with me. I’ve continued to go to doctors over the years (unfortunately at ERs as I was kicked off my parents due to age & haven’t been able to afford insurance myself since) and keep being told the same thing. I have had x-rays taken several times, all “show nothing wrong”. Doctors almost instantly write off my back pain as being caused by me being obese. While I recognize that it most likely contributes, I have no doubt that the injury is the cause. The pain starts exactly where my back was hit (I fell approx. 3-4 feet to the ground and landed on top of a folded folding chair – right where the edge of the chair landed is where the pain starts). When the pain is particularly bad, my hands/fingers/arms will shake uncontrollably. Occasionally I’ll pick an item up and either drop it or involuntarily send it flying across the room. The pain is located in the small of my back and, when it grows, radiates up to my shoulders. It’s a stabbing pain and horrible. I haven’t had a job in years, my last one I lasted 3 days at before having to quit due to the pain. I’m terrified that I will never not be in pain again.

Symptoms: back pain, shaking hands/fingers/arms