Back pain mri results

Patient: I recently had a mri done and the results are at L3-4 there is disc dehyoration with diffuse disc bulge and facet joint degenerative changes along with some ligamenturn flavum hypertrophy indenting the thecal sac and causing narrowing of the neural foramen and contacting the exiting nerve root also at the L4-5 level there is a anterolisthesis along with diffuse disc bulge indenting the thecal sac and contacting the traversing bilateral L5 nerve root there is marked narrowing of the bilateral neural foramina with moderate to severe exiting nerve root impingement also there is a grade 1 anterolistesis of l4 over l5 noted with bilateral pars defect can you turn this into english for me and does it require surgury i have bad back pain not much in the legs does this sound like i need surgury

Doctor: In a nutshell, your MRI results show significant disease in the spinal column. Some of the bones in the spine are not pr operly aligned, compressing nerves and causing your back pain. It sounds like you may benefit from surgery, however this is best determined by you and your orthopedic surgeon. There is usually a trial of conservative management (painkillers and steroid injections in the spine) before surgery is considered.If you have already had a trail of physiotherpay (at least 3-6 months) with no improvement, I would consider discussing the possibility of Surgery with your doctor.