Back Pain Please help

Patient: I am a 55 year old female. I have been diagnosed xrays and MRI with bulging disks in my spine 7 of them . Since September 2011 I have been having injections every 2 weeks ,under sedation, to help with the pain. They have only helped minimally. My right side, including hip and leg have also been hurting since August. I was feeling some better and able to walk with a cane this week. Yesterday I had to drive and ride in a car for a total of 300 miles. Today I can barely move. I am out of pain pills and muscle relaxers because I am to see my Doctor on Thursday. Now my left side is in tremendous pain also. I am in Tyler, TX and been to the ER here before, for other issues, and been treated badly, so I am relunctant to go now. My doctor, nor anyone in his clinic is available or on call on Sundays. I have been rotating hot and cold on the worst areas but I am only getting worse. Any suggestions on how to talk to the ER personnal to let them know I am not casually in pain ? Also when I call my Dr. I only get a recording, then his nurse calls back and I have to wait days to get an appointment. THANK YOU !