Back Pain possibly secondary to a mass removal

Patient: I had a left thoracotomy done 6 months ago to remove a ganglionueroma of the spine in the mediastinum area. The tumore was the size of an apple and wrapped in a cluster of nerves. Ever since the surgery I get sharp pains in my lower back. Could this pain be related to the surgery and if so how do I know if it’s nerves or muscle? Thank you in advance. Ps: Why do doctors always treat patients who complain of pain as if they are just junkies looking for meds? I’m so tired of that.

Doctor: There is a possibility that the pain might be secondary to the surgery, because as you described, there were many nerves around the mass that was removed and inevitably they were involved in the procedure so now they need time to heal any inflammatory process that they might be experiencing, and that takes time. It is almost similar to what happens in an intercostals neuritis, which isa localized pain that runs between the ribs, due to a entrapment of the nerve that runs between the ribs where the rib meets the spine, this is caused by trauma that pinches the nerve causing the inflammation. The standard treatment is basically rest, vitamin B complex and anti inflammatory medication.