Back pain, right upper quadrant

Patient: How to get rid of intense pain under right shoulder blade that’s been ongoing for 33 days and counting?

Symptoms: Intense pain, sometimes feel lump, hurts more to be vertical (standing/sitting), eases a little to be laying down or bending over towards my toes, hurts ribs on right side now too, stiff/solid-like feeling with the pain in the center, giving me headaches now too, makes chest feel heavier on right side & uncomfortable breathing at times (usually when trying to walk)

Doctor: Thank you for your question. Since this pain you are experiencing is causing you difficulty with breathing, it is import ant that you immediately seek medical attention in order to rule out any serious medical condition affecting your lungs our heart. It is possible that your pain could be related to inflammation of the gall bladder or even liver. You will need to undergo a thorough examination along with abdominal ultrasound to assist your doctor in elucidating the exact cause of your illness. Please seek medical attention immediately.Thank you for consulting