Back pain, sporadic rash, low grade fever?

Patient: Hello – I noticed a small s-shaped rash (about the size of 2-3 quarters) on my lower back last week. I thought it was due to an allergic reaction from a tag on a skirt I was wearing. The rash is still there and now I’ve noticed a small rash on my right knee.Accompanying that is SEVERE right lower back pain which has been persistent for about 4 days now. It feels like sciatica, but worse.I now also have two small below-the-skin bumps on my left and right hip-bones. They run right around the underwear line. They feel like a ball or something like that. I don’t know how to describe it. They are painful to the touch and very sensitive. There is no discoloration.And now today, I am running a low-grade fever of 99.3. It’s been consistent all day and tylenol has not brought it down.Just wondering if any of you might have any insight.Thank you.