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Background information: I had a full molar pregnancy in J

Patient: Background information:I had a full molar pregnancy in June- July of this year. My Obgyn told me I was having a miscarriage and gave me the abortion pill. That didn’t work, so I had a D&C on July 21st. On my follow up appointment 2 weeks later, he told me I had a full molar pregnancy and I must have weekly HCG blood work done to make sure my HCG levels go back down to zero. After 5 weeks, my HCG levels continued going up. So last Friday, Sept 2, I had a shot of Methotrexate. I was told to go home and I would have blood work done the following Wednesday, which was yesterday Sept 7. I continued taking my prenatal because i feel very depleted of vitamins. Today his office called me to tell me that last week my hormone levels were at 215,000 and yesterday they were up to 250,000. So next Wednesday I will have another test done to see if they have gone down (doctor said he will give it a few more days for the medicine to kick in and see if the hormone levels go down by next week).So my question is that I’m not too sure what i should be doing at this point. I stopped taking my prenatal pills because i read that the molar cells feed off of folate, but is there a certain diet i should stick to? Foods I should avoid? Also, what if the first shot doesn’t work? What’s the next step?



Symptoms: Weak, light headed, fatigued, some joint pain



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.It is unfortunate to know that you had a molar gestation. When we monitor a case of m olar, if the beta hcg is raising or remains same then we need to repeat the dose. The doctor has advised you correctly on this and you must follow the same. Do not worry.It is recommended to take folic acid injections to combat the side effect of the repeated methotrexate you have to receive which can other wise deplete the folic acid levels causing complications.You can have a normal diet, nothing specific to be done for it.Hope it helpsRegards

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Patient: Is there anything I should avoid for the Methotrexate shot? Aside from Alcohol, I read i should also avoid caffeine? Should I?

Doctor: Hello
Avoiding caffeine will help. You can do so


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