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Bacterial Vaginosis diagnosis at 37 weeks pregnant.

Patient: My wife just came from her Doctor, She is 37 weeks pregnant and she got tested last week and he said today that she has Bacterial Vaginosis. He prescribed her Flagyl 250mg to take every 8 hrs for a week. I’m really against taking any medicines while this close to her due date. I was wondering if she wait until my son is born will any harm be done to her or my son. And then afterwards she can treat herself through alternative methods like bathing in apple cider vinegar and taking probiotics since she will be breastfeeding also. Is this a good plan or do she really need to take the antibiotics now?



Symptoms: Small discharge in her vagina



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD for an opinion,As your wife is already 37 weeks and has been diagnosed with bac terial vaginosis , it is to be understood that medication like flagyl or metronidazole will not affect the foetus in any adverse way as the foetus is already viable and well formed. The concern with continued bacterial vaginosis is premature rupture of membranes and early onset of labour and the result being that the pregnancy may not reach its full 40 weeks. Also an evidence of infection may cause chorioamnionitis if PROM or premature rupture of membranes occur which can cause complications during delivery.Hence at 37 weeks it is advisable that she should take the medications and clear her infection.However if she is an alternative therapy believer then she can use apple vinegar and probiotics even as of now. The use of antibiotics can be curtailed if the symptoms are minimal and the discharge is less and she can very try vinegar washes at first and if it helps , then she can avoid antibiotic till delivery.I hope i have answered your query in detail,Wishing you good health,Regards

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Patient: Thanks I told her to go ahead with the antibiotics. She wanted to from the start but I had her wait until I got a second opinion. She said she wouldn’t consider the discharge “less” so I told her lets go ahead with the antibiotics then. I just wanted a second opinion before I went with the antibiotics. I’m just nervous because its my 1st son and I want him to come out completely healthy.

Doctor: please don’t worry, i understand your anxiety completely. Its fine to use antibiotics.


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