Bacterial Vaginosis, help!

Patient: Hi, my name is Kaylen. I had been having symptoms of an STD, I made an appointment with my gynocoligist. She did a pelvic exam and a week later my test results came back negative for STD’s, but positive for bacterial vaginosis. My doctor told me that it was a small infection that would be gone after I had taken antibiotics for 7 days, 500 mg. Taking 2 pills a day. After my treatment was over I still had the same symptoms-Vaginal pain during intercourse, feeling like I had to urinate frequently and going to the bathroom but nothing happened. I am kind of upset that I feel like always having to run to the bathroom, and my sex life is not great either. I want to know your thoughts and I would love to feel normal again. Antibiotics are not working and I would like a natural solution to get rid of this bacteria for good.

Doctor: Bacterial vaginosis is a type of vaginal inflammation that results from the overgrowth one of the bacteria normally pres ent in the vagina, upsetting the natural balance of the normal flora present in your vagina, unprotected sexual intercourse or frequent douching, increases the risk for the condition.Since your symptoms recurred soon after treatment, I would suggest you to make an appointment with your doctor to discuss other treatment options, it is common for many women to continue having their symptoms after treatment and this could grant the extended use of metronidazole therapy. Other treatments related to your condtion are focused on increasing the “Good Bacteria”.In the meantime I would also suggest you to have your sexual partner treated too since re-infection could have happened and avoid hot tubs and whirlpool spas. Rinse soap from your outer genital area after a shower, and dry the area well to prevent irritation. Use mild, non deodorant soaps and unscented tampons or pads. I wish you a prompt recovery.