Bacterial vagionis and yeast infection

Patient: I’m using cream of tartar,acidophilus,inulin,molybdenum,and vitiam b complex to rid myself of a bad yeast infection. I also have bv. My question is can I use boric acid vaginaly at the same time I’m using the remedy to rid my yeast infection ?

Doctor: I realize your concern about your Bacterial Vaginosis. Surely in my opinion it won’t be recommended for you to use any o other type of additional treatment for your Vaginosis since that could interfere with the medication and also alter the PH of the Vagina causing the normal Flora to overgrowth.I would suggest you to consult your primary care physician to rule out the exact pathogen that is causing your vaginosis and prescribe the right treatment for it. In the majority of cases, this type of infections are caused by Fungus or bacteria that are part of your normal flora and sometimes due to factors that change or alter the PH of your vagina such as Douching, applying deodorants and cause overgrowth of this entities. I wish you a prompt recovery.