Bad back pain and need answer

Patient: Hello, doctor….my name is Lena and my husband just done he’s xray..the problem is he got his xray result by paper but we have to go to the doctor tomorrow…but, for now I would like to know what is this mean….he’s xray result (showing multiple levels DJD and possible nerve root canal and spinal canal stenosis at L2L3 and L4L5 levels. to evaluate for nerve root canal stenosis) this good or not?

Symptoms: Back pain

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.The X-ray of your husband shows the following:- DJD means Degenerative Joint Disease at multiple levels. The joints between the vertebrae are showing the signs of degeneration. Degeneration means the regeneration has stalled or slowed down so that the bones participating in making the joints are diseased.- There is a problem in the space between the Lumbar 2 and 3 vertebrae and between the Lumbar 4 and 5 vertebrae. This may be in the form of a compression of the nerve roots at the nerve root canal stenosis ( also called as narrowing to cause compression on the said nerves.There can be narrowing in the main spinal canal which carries the spinal cord at this level.This is definitely not good.And should be confirmed by MRI of the spine, its correlation with the symptoms by a Neurosurgeon after careful clinical evaluation and physical examination. You and your husband can discuss the possibility of surgery to correct this.I hope this answer clears your doubts