Bad fall from a bucking horse

Patient: I had a really bad fall from a bucking horse 2 summers ago and my back has never fully recovered. When I went to the doctor a year ago, he told me I was not allowed to run until my back healed “limitation on life” is what it was called. Every time I would bend over my back would hurt a lot, I had to do stretches every night, but I never did them. Today, I fell off a really bad pony, who was continuously spooked, galloped and then bucked me off. I landed on my back. I blacked out for a minute or so and my body was shaking. I pretended everything was okay and got back on. When I came home, I barely could move, had really bad headaches and felt really dizzy. I had to shift my back into different postures because it hurt so much. My neck started to hurt a lot to. I can not even bend my back right now. Should I go see a doctor?

Doctor: The pain your describing is serious. Anytime there is pain in the body combined with dizziness and headaches, you need t o go to see a doctor immediately. They will be able to examine you in person and make sure everything is okay.