Bad headaches and my speech is getting worse after it got better

Patient: I had a stroke 2 and a half years ao caused by a hole in my heart. i totally lost my speech and i could not write. i had to learn to speak again. now i keep having really bad headaches and my speech is etting worse, even in a normal conversation 90% of the words come out wrong and its very embarrising.i thought it was getting better but its getting worse. the headaches come every couple of hours and i am in chronic pain, it feels like my hesd is about to explode. i am gettin really worried and i is making me stressed sll the time. please give me some advice, im scared it could happen again. this has taken me a long time to write just this litte bit. it has affected my speech mostly but i cant write the same, i get tired from walking really easy ive only got to walk a couple of metres and im relly tired, out of breath and huffing and puffing. i have to have someone with me constantly because i have fainted on a number of occasions. please if you have any advice it would be really helpful. thank you natasha wren

Doctor: Severe headaches associated with speech problems, change of vision, problem moving arms or legs, loss of balance, confus ion or memory loss could be a sign of a more serious underlying illness. I would advise that you go to the ER or see your doctor as soon as possible. Since you’ve had a previous history of stroke, the symptoms that you are presenting now should not be taken lightly. Speech problems and headache could indicate blockage of a blood vessel supplying the brain.