Bad sore throat with red/white bumps

Patient: I’m turning 14 next Sunday but today I have a sore throat I don’t have tonciles but is red bump and it has white heads on them plus it’s very painful to swallow I’ve also been quite dizzy

Symptoms: Symptoms: sore throat red bumps white heads dizziness pain with swallowing

Doctor: From the description it appears you are suffering from pharyngitis. White spots are because of bacterial or viral infect ion and redness is due to inflammation.Pharyngitis is mostly viral and should subside on its own. Do frequent warm saline gargles, take rest, plenty of warm fluids and avoid throat irritants. For pain you can take OTC available analgesics.If condition doesn’t improve or worsen it could be bacterial/strep throat infection. Pl consult your physician antibiotics may be required .