Baking for a friend with a wheat allergy and colitis.

Patient: I have a friend who always asks me to make an apple pie for his birthday. He has recently spent a month in the hospital and been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and a moderate wheat allergy (not gluten, just wheat). How can I alter my recipe to make a pie that is safe for him to eat, but still tastes very similar? I’m asking this here because I don’t exactly how his colitis and allergy interact with each other and with him.

Doctor: Ulcerative Colitis (UC) and Wheat Allergy (WA) are two different conditions. Both these diseases are cause by an altered immune response of the body. UC is an autoimmune disorder, whereas, WC is a hypersensitivity disorder. Symptoms due to UC, can be managed by certain anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory drugs along with dietary modifications. Whereas, in an established case of WC, avoidance to wheat protein is the only way to manage symptoms. You are advised to consult a professional dietician for suggestions regarding alternatives to wheat flour for cooking Apple Pie for your friend. All the best!