Baldder disfunction can i sit long time

Patient: I am MALE age 25..i have uro problem my uro flow is incosistence and doctors ref me to neurology dept.. and advice to take ALFOO medicinei feel weakness in my leg and pain in my hip and dig on my hip on both side ..I want to know whether there is big worried problembecuase my examination is on my head andfurther i want to know that whether i can sit on chair for along time for studybecause i have baldder inconsistence problem

Symptoms: Baldder disfunction and prostate enlargement

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Read and understood your problem of urine flow is inconsistent and doctors ref to neurol ogy dept. and advice to take ALFOO. You feel weakness in leg and pain in the hip. You want to know whether there is big worried problem because the examination is on head and further wants to know that whether you can sit on chair for a long time for study because of the bladder inconsistency problem.With this history you need a combined approach of the Urologist and the Neurologist, have to go for further investigations and so on.You can certainly sit for the examination if you get alright by this time or if your Doctors advise you to.I hope this answers your query.