Baseball injury from May and still having pain.

Patient: Back on May 18, 2014 I injured my left knee while sliding in to second base during my baseball game. As soon as i stood back up I knew something was up because of the discomfort and inability to bear weight; however i did continue to play. I gave it a day to rest and relax because i figured i jammed my knee if thats possible. Felt no change so i ended up going to doctor, they ordered for me to have an MRI. I had the MRI it revealed no tear but i was still having trouble walking and bending and all of that. Doctor gave me cortisone injections as well as steroid pills in a duration of month and half span. Now as of January 2015 I still am having pain in the same knee, after sitting for extended period of time it becomes stiff and when i try to stand it is difficult. I played basketball recently and when i got home that evening it was swollen. IN the back of the knee i feel tightness constantly.

Symptoms: Stiffness, inability bear weight, becomes swollen after use, at times sensitive to touch.

Doctor: HelloThank you posting your query on “Ask the Doctor”It is important that we determine what is causing your knee pa e pain before even starting any type of treatment.For this, you will have to see a doctor who will examine your knees.Doctor may suggest MRI of the joint to assess whether there are any torn ligaments, inflammation or the development of arthritis.It appears that you got injured/damaged your knee joint structures.Tear of meniscus in the knee joint might have occurred as per your history.Arthroscopic repair is a treatment option available.For this your doctor may advise you bed rest and analgesic medication such as Advil, naproxen etcThe more physiotherapy to the knee joint, the more you will be able to prevent stiffness and increase range of motion.You may use a knee brace while walking.Wish you a speedy recovery.