Basketball player with calf pain

Patient: I’m a basketball player and am just recently getting back into training for the sport. For the last 6 weeks, I’ve been running hard and getting my legs back under me. A week ago, I went out for a practice and within 5 minutes, my calf muscles started burning. The burn was so bad, it was hard to run. I pushed through and after 45 minutes, it completely went away. I had some mild soreness after that, but very mild. I took it easy this week thinking it might be a strain.I went out for practice today and again, both calf muscles dud the same thing. The burn kept me from running full speed, but is pushed through. After 45 minutes, the pain was completely gone and I could go full speed. After, I have only mild pain in the outside of the calf.The pain is in both calfskin at the same time and on the outside of the calf. It isn’t Achilles and I don’t think it is shin splints. Could this just be a strain? Why would it go away? Of coarse I need to ramp up the stretches, but what else can I do. Thanks!

Symptoms: Pain in the outside of both calf muscles. Pain is not by the bone or back of the calves. It feels like a burn from working out, but more intense.