Bc pills switch concerns

Patient: Hello…I have been taking Trivora 28 for the past couple months with no problems, well yesterday I went to pick up my prescription and they gave me Enpresse. I asked and they said it was the same as Trivora 28, just different brand names…Is this true?

Doctor: Hello,thanks for the query.Yes both trivora-28 and Enpresse are same. They are both triphasic pills with 28 tabl ets each. The generic contents are levonorgestrel and ethinyl estradiol is same denominations in various phases of pills.The only difference is the colour coding of the pills. In Trivora you started with the 6 blue tablets, then 5 white tabs, then 10 pink tabs and then 7 peach coloured inert pills. Whereas the coding from start in Empresse is 6 pink tablets (phase 1), followed by 5 white tablets (phase 2), followed by 10 orange tablets (phase 3), plus 7 light-green inert tablets.You may take the first pill on day 1 of your menses , if missed then continue pills but practice barrier contraception as add back for a week before the effectiveness for protection of the pack is reestablished.I hope i have answered your query in detail.Wishing you good health,regards