Beard facial hair loss and regrowth white

Patient: Hi im 24 and about two months ago i noticed two small bald spots on my chin when i was shaving i looked all over the internet and it seems like i have alopecia barbae ater a month of noticing the spots they began to grow back very slow at first but now theyve been growing pretty much at the same rate as the rest o my beard only white and thinner …How long does it take to regain its color??and what should i be doing/using to help and is the result a great sign?? and should i be taking vitamins ???

Symptoms: Two bald spots on chin that have now been growing back fully white

Doctor: Thank you for your question. It is possible that you are experiencing a condition known as alopecia areata. This is loca lized hair loss on the scalp or face caused by stress, infections, inflammation or indeed nutritional deficiency. It is a good sign that the hair is regrowing however this discolouration is a cause for concern. It is possible that this discolouration could be due to a localized fungal infection. We suggest that you have your doctor examine this area, and prescribe some topical antifungal cream to treat the area. After treatment the colour of hair should return to normal.Thank you for consulting