Been sick for 2 years or more, help

Patient: Soo im 17. 5’5 weigh 145 pounds. I’ve been feeling nauseated everyday for about 2 years now. & i never went to see a doctor. I thought it would get better but its just getting worse. Id have these symptoms on and off. Light headed. Bad headaches. Dizzy. Nausea. & i can hardly eat or drink anything without feeling sick. Any idea what’s wrong with me? Plz help me, i just wanna be cared about

Symptoms: Nauseous

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for choosing “Ask the Doctor” for posting your query.Such a long standing nausea can have various cause s among which gastritis is the commonest cause. A proper acid control can reduce your nausea. this will require you to take ranitidine or pantoprazole. Further it would be wise to get a liver profile evaluated as hepatitis can also lead to such nausea and vomiting.Hope I am able to answer your concerns.If you have any further query, I would be glad to help you in future.Wish you good health!