Been trying for baby with my husband for nearly 2 years

Patient: Been trying for baby with my husband for nearly 2 years but no luck. I was sent for a scan last Saturday (7 feb) to check things & was told my egg was still there & I hadn’t ovulated that month yet. I am now 2 days late for my period which is unusual for me. I did a pregnancy test yesterday that was negative & I’ve been having some stomach pains on & off but nothing like my Normal period pains. Could I be pregnant but very early stages where it wasn’t detected on the test?

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Don’t lose hope, with time and patience conception will happen. It is not in favour of a pregnancy this cycle as the pain you have could be premenstrual syndrome and pregnancy test being negative supported by an ultrasound indicating no ovulation in the last cycle, almost bringing down the chances of pregnancy to nil. Continue all the treatment suggested by your Doctor and be patient as infertility management takes time to show results.Wish you all the best for an early conception.Hope this helped.Regards