Before and while pregnant I had unprotected sex I had

Patient: Before and while pregnant I had unprotected sex. I had the baby august 2014 at 35 weeks.beginning of the pregnancy I still had my period and after the baby my period only last two days every months ( before the baby its last 3 to five days). I don’t know if I miscarry but I had miss two months without my period,Around December 2014 I had a lot of movement in my belly I saw my obgyn, she said it was my muscle….I haven’t have sex since June 2014…..I’m gaining a lot of weight, tired, pee a lot, dizzy, breast is heavy, I still feel a lot of movement in my belly, yesterday and today I felt out of breath.can I get pregnant while pregnant or is it something else?

Symptoms: Tired, belly movement, pee a lot, gaining weight, always hungry,

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD for an opinion,The most likely cause of your irregular menses and missed period would have been breast feeding practice of yours which you must have been continuing for your child. This causes an increase in the prolactin evels in the blood and hence suppression of oestrogen and progesterone often promoting lactational amenorrhoea, but again ifs frequency dependent. If feeding is less or baby is weaned early, the menses can get irregular.It’s always better to rule pregnancy out each time you miss your period to be sure about it as the symptoms that you are experiencing are more likely to be premenstrual symptoms in absence of a repeat pregnancy and generally indicates that your menses shall ensue in next few days.If you don’t intend a pregnancy soon again then you should be following good contraceptive practices.I hope I have answered your query,Wishing you good health,Regards