Behind my tonsil, my skin appears to be very very

Patient: Behind my tonsil, my skin appears to be very very white. This is not to be mistaken with tonsil stones , as I get those at least a couple of times per week but this appears to be my actual skin. Since my tonsils are hidden, it’s hard to see exactly, but there’s definitely a decent amount when my throat is a white/light color. I don’t have any sore throat, cough, or symptoms with my throat. Recently I’ve found my self out of breath rather easily and at times breathing a lot harder than normal. It’s not awful though, it may just because I don’t exercise regularly? Nothing major has been out of the usual though.The only other symtom I’ve had is a pain on the left side of my neck for a week but it seems to have subsided. I believe this was just pain from sleeping the wrong way, it was a tight pain.I am a seventeen year old girl.

Symptoms: White behind tonsils

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Doctor: Hi.I have read and understood your history of white patch behind the area of left tonsil.Thanks for a clear pictur e.- Such an appearance at your age is expectantly just a ”fibrotic patch and nothing else. This does not need any treatment.Your second problem is related to the breathlessness, may be due to no exercises or some medical disorder, that needs to be evaluated.Thirdly the neck pain as you have rightly said is due to muscle spasm and has settled now.I hope this clears your all the queries.