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Belly button blood blister

Dear Ask The Doctor:
I have a umbilical hernia and hurt around my belly button quite frequently and i am currently just living with that issue. alot of times i can just feel the gas bubbling around it my navel. my problem is i have been bleeding from my navel for quite some time. the other day i awoke with quite a bit of blood on my stomach. there is not a terrible odor there is some wetness and white ooze further in..but what concerns me the most is it appears to have a blood like blister inside my belly button on the right side of the canal when you look in. ive done some research and cant seem to find any answers for what could of caused this or what it could be..any suggestions would be helpful. i plan on going to see a dr. in about 2 weeks, not sure if i should go fsooner


You could be most probably be having and abscess in your umbilicus. I would suggest that you see your doctor to rule out an abscess. An infected abscess will require surgical drainage and antibiotics.

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