Benadryl possibly effecting sperm count need options

Patient: Over the past two years or so I have had an unexplained uncontrollable itch that migrates all over my body, head,back,arms,legs…everywhere I have been taking Benadryl 1 pill roughly 3-4 times a day. I have not been tested for what I’m allergic too because they will just say if the Benadryl works then continue to use it. Also I am 27 and have ulcerative colitis and take a very low dose prednisone 1 time a day. My problem is my wife wants to have another baby but I’ve found online that Benadryl can reduce sperm count although rare like 2-26000 but then again I’m taking it on a regular basis….I need a anti itching pill that won’t effect fertility.

Symptoms: Uncontrollable itching

Doctor: Thank you for your question. The purpose of allergy testing is to determine what your specific sensitivities are in orde r for you to avoid them. You are correct that you will need to take medication should you have an allergic reaction, but knowing your sensitivities will greatly reduce your risk of allergic reaction. Long term allergy medication has been associated with decreasing sperm count as a side effect but this is rare. There are prescription allergy medications which have less side effects and can better treat your allergic reactions more effectively. Please consult a specialist in allergy and immunology to conduct allergy testing and be prescribed an appropriate medication.Thank you for consulting