Benefits of Shingles Inoculation for active infection?

Patient: My Mother is 91 years old and had Shingles about 3 yrs. ago which affected one of her eyes. Recently, she had a bronchial infection and in that state of weakness, the Shingles reappeared in her eye as soreness, pain, slight swelling, eye drainage and her eye lid is drooping more. Her vision has been adversely affected in that eye. She saw her M.D. today and he prescribed a medication for her eye and said she needs to see her optomologist as soon as possible. She is trying to make an appointment to see her optomologist. Her M.D. suggested it might be of benefit to get the Shingles innoculation. At this point, would a Shingles innoculation be of any benefit to her or would it cause even more problems?

Doctor: The Shingles inoculation may not be of any help for the treatment of active shingles infection, but is recommended to pr event the future occurrence of this infection.