Benefits of Tea, when do the affects start kicking in

Patient: What are the benefits of white tea, green tea? approximately after how long do these benefits start having positive affects on your body (i.e how long until my immune system would become stronger from drinking tea)

Doctor: Thank you for your question. The benefits of drinking green tea have not been conclusively studied in the medical commun ity. It is believed that the high anti-oxident content of green tea will assist in reducing the oxidative stress caused by the build up of free radicals within the body. Free radicals are types of molecules which have the potential to cause damage to cells within the body, and excessive free radical damage is associated with aging and possible increased risk for cancer. As far as green teas support of a healthy immune system is concerned, there is no conclusive clinical evidence that this is the case. Therefore, we are unable to tell you how well consumption of green tea will support in improving your immune system.Thank you for consulting