Benzoyl Peroxide 10 percent not helping my pimple

Patient: I have used benzoyl peroxide 10% on my pimple for the past 2 days on one side of my face. After those 2 days I’ve noticed small raised bumps on the area where I applied benzyol peroxide, slowly throughout the day I noticed it spread to the rest of my face on the same side down to my neck. I also noticed a small lump under my chin assuming its my lymph node that is swollen. I used Benadryl to help the irritation but felt that it hasn’t done anything to it. What can this be? A skin allergy or reaction? Its been 4 days and haven’t noticed any difference in my skin!

Symptoms: Skin colored, tiny raised bumps all over one side of face, itchy at times, resembles leathery skin

Doctor: In the absence of an image, it is difficult to assess your condition. You are advised to stop applying the medication an d see your Dermatologist immediately for help.