Best Diet For Acid Reflux

Patient: I’ve recently been diagnosed with a stress related inbalance in my digestive acids. Although I understand that restricting my diet is necessary in order to stop any aggravation, I have only been told things I can’t eat, this has left me confused as to what I can actually eat. Can I please have some food recommendations for food I can eat to ease this problem.

Doctor: A diet rich in fiber is recommended when there is an increased level of digestive acids. Some common food that you can t ake include :i) fruits like apple, bananaii) Vegetables – potato, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, green beans and peas.iii) Meat – ground beef, chicken breast (skinless), egg whites, fish (no added fat)iv) Grains – bread (multi grain), cereal, bran or oatmeal, crackers, rice (brown or white)v) Salads with low fat dressingvi) Deserts – fat free cookies, jellys and red licorice.It is advise that you should eat at least 5 small meals in a day and have early dinner. Drink water after every meal. Drinking a small glass of water can help dilute any stomach acid that can be just working its way towards your esophagus. I hope this helps, take care.