Best Medication with low side effects

Patient: Doctor my blood sugar levels are in the range of 300+ I am 28years old and i have all the symptoms of Diabetics like vision blurring, headache, boils on the body etc. I havent started any medication yet. Can you please suggest a medicine to bring my blood sugar levels to normal.

Symptoms: Blurred vision, headaches, legs paining, boils with puss etc.

Doctor: Hello.Welcome to Ask The Doctor.Your blood sugar levels are extremely high.You need to be started on Treatment.You would require a combination of Metformin and Glimepiride for the purpose.You should not play with these drugs as this can be harmful. Get them prescribed by a doctor only.They would start you with an assumed dosage and will modify your medicines based on your blood sugar values.I would advise you to get following investigations done:1. HbA1c2. Fasting lipid profile3. Serum creatinine4. Urine for microalbumin.5. ECG.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy