Best supplement for exclusively breastfed 10 month old

Patient: My baby is 10.5 months old and has been exclusively breastfed. Since working nights, I have been unable to pump enough milk. My husband has had to feed the baby up to 36 oz in one night, and I have only been able to pump 6-8 oz. My freezer supply is almost gone. The baby doesn’t usually take a bottle during the day, as he eats solid foods well. Now, even when I am home at night, he is fussy at the breast and won’t settle until I have given him a bottle. I think my supply is just getting too low. At this point, I don’t have the time or energy to put in the hours of pumping to jump-start my supply. What would be best to supplement?

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Doctor: Hello,As per world health organization, exclusive breast feeding is advised till 6 months of infant life and after th at weaning should start and mashed solids and supplements can be initiated with bottle feeds.Your child has been accepting bottle feeds well and now as has been exposed to natural organic sugars , it is possible that the taste of breast milk may not appeal to him and it is right time to wean him off.You may discuss the option with your physician and your milk secretion can b e controlled by various methods both medical or with breast binders.i hope i have answered your concern,wishing you good health,regards