Best treatment for endometriosis?

Patient: Best treatment for endometriosis. 44 years old sexually not active. Monthly period irregular since 2014 June. Had vaginitis 2000. Inactive sexually 2002-2015 until now

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.The treatment options of endometriosis depends on the severi ty of the symptoms and the extent of the tissue involvement.If endometriosis involvement is minimal with mild symptoms, that can be dealt with analgesics to relieve the pain and hormonal therapy to shrink the tissue.In severe cases surgery may be needed, either laparoscopic surgery or laparotomy can be done to remove the endometriotic tissue.In extreme cases and in women who have completed their family, hysterectomy may be attempted.Usually after attaining menopause because of decreased hormonal levels, the endometrial tissue can shrink by its own.So, if your symptoms are mild, as you are in perimenopausal age group, you can go for conservative management.But if you are having severe symptoms better to choose surgical therapy as mentioned previously.Take care.